Weekly tutoring on a regular basis to explain and review class work and homework, instill good study habits, help student to prepare for tests, and plan for and complete projects or presentations.

Private or Semi-Private Tutoring

Private individual tutoring is for students who need to review previously taught material, fill skill gaps, or focus on one or more particular academic subjects.


Study Session

An after-school supervised study program for homework and project completion.


S.A. S. Skills (Students Aspiring Success)

Students struggling in the classroom may need to be taught basic organizational skills as well as how to study. Students learn how to read for meaning, retain facts, organize materials, prepare for exams, take better notes, and how to effectively manage study time.



Basic ESL course focuses on the needs of those at the Low Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Listening and Speaking
Reading and Writing
Integrated Skills


English for Academic or Business Purposes

Vocabulary and Conversation
Public Speaking
Academic Skills
English for Business
Introduction to Computers


ESL Content-based

We use students own textbooks and assignments to achieve target levels of speaking and listening skills. With adults we use material that is appropriate for their English language proficiency level. Content-based ESL is a method that integrates English-as-a-second-language instruction with subject matter instruction. The technique focuses not only on learning a second language, but using that language as a medium to learn academic subjects.


ESL and Civic Education

Our programs’ goals incorporate several learning objectives. The primary goal is to improve each adult learner’s ability to produce meaningful communication in English and effectively navigate and participate fully in their life in the United States.


Adult Literacy

Our goal is to enable adult learners acquire the necessary basic skills - reading, writing, computation, speaking, and listening - to compete successfully and exercise full citizenship.



Program provides instruction to prepare adult learners for the official GED tests.



Our program offers a full range of editorial support services, covering research, writing and editing.



Our advisors are available to assist student and businesses with a wide array of educational support services. We place an emphasis on the development of skills.


Financial Literacy

Our program provides the essentials of financial education, real-world skills, and knowledge for children, teens and adults.


Japanese Language and Culture

Learn Japanese culture or learn/improve Japanese speaking & listening skills, learn new vocabulary, improve reading & writing in small sized classes or one on one private tutoring. We provide students with an opportunity to increase their awareness and appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures.


Our Services Include:

· College application assistance (including help with personal statements & other essays)

· Editing of correspondence, proposals, articles & books

· Assistance with letters, manuals, presentations, proposals & speeches

· Online coursework assistance



Please call our offices to discuss the options and packages we have available to serve your business needs.





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