Our Vision

The Educere Learning Center seeks to open doors of opportunity by empowering youth, adults and groups with the essential educational, social and financial skills and support needed to become productive and self-sustaining citizens prepared for a life of success.




Our Mission

The Educere Learning Center is dedicated to providing academic, social and financial enrichment programs and instruction to youth, adults and groups through a wide variety of learning methods.




Our Goal:

To give every student the necessary learning skills and confidence to succeed on their own.




The Mission:

To continuously help students to learn how to address their own needs, strengthen their weaknesses and improve and make use of their strengths.




The Methods:

· Teach and monitor learning strategies.

· Monitor and improve work habits.

· Help the student recognize his or her learning style and how to maximize its use.

· Promote success at school by supplementing classroom instruction with individual instruction.

· Keep excellent communication with students and parents.



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