specializes in at-risk students, low achievement students who need supplemental tutoring to improve their academic skills, advanced students who need enrichment, students whose second language is English, and adults.

The effects of tutoring programs for children who are struggling in school are best seen in test scores and academic achievement. Improving the educational outcomes for students who are at risk for academic failure is an important issue for educators and parents. Before-and-after-school tutoring programs have been identified as having the potential to turn academic failure into academic success. Failure to address those needs now could lead to a tough life. By providing the one-on-one support of a tutor, or by having a child involved in an effective tutoring program, the chances of success far outweigh the possibilities of failure.

Private tutoring gives new learning options that, understandably, are unavailable in the classroom. Each student's educational program targets what he or she is doing at school and focuses on particular needs. Using the school's curriculum as a guideline, tutors may introduce supplementary materials to enhance the learning process. This approach prevents confusing the student. Following the school's curriculum allows the student to keep up with studies and allows the staff the opportunity to review anything not understood.

We will work with your child’s teacher to target specific skills/goals for which your child is struggling to help him/her meet grade level expectations. Working in tandem with the schools we believe our students will excel and improve their grades faster. Therefore, we offer subject area tutoring in the content area. Built into our teaching are strategies for the student to strengthen time management, study skills, and test taking abilities.



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